Saturday, 16 July 2016

Why quality building materials are important to use?

The sustainability of a building is dependent on the quality of building materials. These materials refer any material used for construction purposes e.g. cement, aggregate, concrete. Among other factors, they determine overall quality of a construction.

Quality assurance of construction materials is important to ensure strength, durability and cost effectiveness. It also affects Safety and functions of construction projects. The building material supplier should ensure the materials are of quality on sale.

When purchasing wholesale building materials, it is essential to check samples randomly to ensure overall quality of the materials. 

Let us look at some purposes of building materials:


Fineness of cement relates to setting time, compressive strength, shrinkage, and permeability. All these traits either directly or indirectly affect the construction procedure, duration of construction, strength and safety of the project.


The aggregate properties like particle size distribution, specific gravity and soundness affect the quality of concrete. Soundness and water absorption directly relates to durability. Wholesale building materials should always be consistent in aggregate properties.


The required strength of concrete depends on the harshness of the environmental condition to which the concrete is exposed and the designed load. Therefore, the grade of concrete affects by strength and durability.

Why quality of building materials important?

1)      Conserve Energy and Save Money

By using quality building material, you will be conserving energy and saving money in the end. You minimize wastages and reduce repair costs.

2)      Building to Last a Lifetime

The main idea of using quality materials is to construct a home that lasts longer with lower maintenance costs and less up-keep. Consult with your building contractor before making orders to your building material suppliers to know the exact specifications.

3)      Improved Resale Value

A building constructed using quality materials have proved to have a better resale value. By displaying the types of materials used, potential buyers are convinced of sustainability of the building. Some buyers ask for certificates of the building material supplier.

4)      Minimize Waste through Sustainability

Many quality-building materials use reclaimed or recycled materials. The more we re-use products, the less we acquire new products and deplete world resources. Wholesale building material producers depend on recycling since it is cheap.


Quality assurance of building materials is very important in order to build strong, durable and safe buildings. A sustainable construction wholly depends on the materials used and how they are used.

Choose your building material suppliers and building contractors wisely!

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