Wednesday, 30 December 2015

How to find affordable trucking and hauling services Ghana?

Great Tips for finding the best trucking and hauling services in Accra

Affordable trucking and hauling services in Ghana play a crucial role in the successful completion of any construction project. Once you have hired a good construction company and chosen a large equipment rental company in Ghana, the next big step is to find the hauling services.

The trucking services in Ghana not only manage the transport of the heavy equipment to the construction site but also oversee the delivery of the building materials. Renting good trucking and hauling services requires proper consideration. 

Trucking Rental Services

This article is going to walk you through the basic tips you should keep in mind while making the decision for renting the best trucking and hauling services ghana.


Before signing a contract with trucking services Ghana, you should ask your friends and colleagues if they have had working experience with any hauling service which they liked. Go for trucking services which your friends recommend.


The company's credentials matter a great deal. The company should be qualified and experienced. The company should have a fleet of trucks to transport the building materials to the construction site.

Experienced Staff:

Look for the companies with the most experienced staff which provide services in all weather conditions. The trucking services in Ghana employ some of the most experienced truck drivers, who are adept at driving long distances. The trucking companies also provide heavy equipment hauling services.


The best thing to do is to shortlist 3-4 top trucking services in Ghana. Then, ask the shortlisted trucking and hauling services to draft an estimate of the total cost of their services. Choose a company depending on your budget.

A large fleet of trucks:

The trucking services in Ghana you choose should have a large fleet of trucks to meet your supply demands. 

The trucks will be used to supply building materials such as cement, rocks and gravel. In addition, the trucks will provide hauling services to transport heavy equipment to the construction site.

It is important to consider all of the points mentioned above when choosing trucking and hauling services in Ghana. An experienced and professional hauling and trucking service in Ghana can make the construction of the project a lot easier.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Why you need to hire the best residential construction company?

Top Benefits of hiring Accra Residential Construction Company

Every year people spend their life savings to build a house of their dreams. Everyone wants their house to be perfect, distinctive and classy. Hiring an experienced residential construction company goes a long way towards achieving this goal. 

The city of Accra is a thriving center for construction where many residential construction companies offer their services.

In this article, we list the reasons why you need to hire the residential construction companies in Accra. We also mentions the services some of the best construction companies in Ghana offer.

High Quality Residential Construction Services offered by construction companies Ghana

Foolproof planning for residential construction :

A good residential construction company does proper planning before starting the project. The company arranges a round of discussions with the client, where client requirements, goals and needs are recorded. The company's core management team then develops a strategic plan to meet those goals within the shortest possible time frame. This sort of planning also makes it easier to deal with any hiccups.

Specialized Services:

A construction company specializing in house construction also does house renovation projects. It can also work on a portion of your house upon request, for example, the kitchen. 

Once you hire the best construction company ghana, you no longer have to worry about the quality of the construction. You can rest assured that it will be top-notch.

Quality material for construction:

An experienced residential construction company has the contacts to get the best quality and sturdy materials for construction in town e.g. in the city of Accra.

Understanding of Rules:

When building your dream house, the last thing you would want is your house to violate any building authority rules, which could result in a heavy fine. A residential construction company has the legal expertise to steer you through the precarious situation.


A good residential construction company handles a lot of different housing projects throughout the year. They have the on-ground experience necessary for a successful project. They are well-equipped to find technical and smart solutions to any problems that may come up.

Hiring a residential construction company to build your house has many benefits with zero downsides.

If you are looking for construction companies in Ghana, the points mentioned above can serve as a yardstick.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Are you looking for high quality heavy equipment rental Ghana?

How to find heavy equipment rental Ghana?

Services for heavy equipment rentals in Ghana are becoming more popular by the day. The rental services give you a chance to get the latest equipment for your construction project without having to worry about its cost. You will only have to pay for the duration for which you use the equipment.

The equipment hauling companies and other trucking and hauling services also play a crucial role in the transportation of the heavy equipment to the construction site. 

Read here the important points to be noted for finding reliable equipment hauling companies for this job:-

Expensive machinery 

Most of the machinery rented from services for heavy equipment rentals in Ghana are expensive. The construction company’s budget might not afford to buy expensive machinery for a short amount of time. Hence, buying the machinery instead of renting it is not profitable for most companies.

Ventilated storage facility 

Renting a piece of equipment also cuts down the additional costs of storage and maintenance. A company would have to build a ventilated storage facility or rent a building for keeping the expensive equipment safe.

Security of the heavy equipment rental

Hiring the services for heavy equipment rentals in Ghana eliminates the need for such storage. You will also save manpower required for the maintenance and security of the heavy equipment. By renting the machinery, you can also avoid the costs that would incur in case of a breakdown for repairs.

Best trucking and hauling services

Equipment hauling companies promise the safe delivery of the required machinery at your doorstep. It is important to choose trucking and hauling services having a good reputation. The team of the equipment hauling companies should have proper training in equipment handling.

Usually, it is best if the trucking and hauling services have a large fleet of trucks. This would enable the hauling services to deliver all of the equipment required at the construction site in time.

Proper communication

Proper communication between services for heavy equipment rentals in Ghana and the equipment hauling companies is of utmost importance. And a successful construction project requires a strong working relationship between the two.

Proper consideration should be given to experience and credentials before choosing any high quality heavy equipment rental in Ghana.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Are you looking to connect with the best Ghana construction company?

How a Construction Company in Ghana provides you numerous benefits?

The commercial construction industry in Ghana has seen a boom in the recent years. Handling a construction project can be exasperating if you are doing it alone.

Most people who have had experience with successful commercial or residential construction projects can tell you the benefits of hiring the best construction companies in Ghana.

If you are looking to connect with the best Ghana construction company, this article lists the benefits you would get from their services.


Time saving:

If you try to oversee a construction project without taking help from construction companies in Ghana, it can prove to be quite hectic. If you do a job, it gets even harder.

Here's where a construction company can come to your rescue. 

They take responsibility of the whole project. By hiring Ghana construction companies, you get plenty of time to focus on other important tasks such as job and family.


Legal Advice:

The Ghana construction companies take care of all the legal paperwork required such as getting permissions for the construction. They make sure that the construction follows the rules of regulations of the local building authority.


All construction projects face problems, but the best construction companies in Ghana have the expertise and experience to deal with these hiccups effectively. The companies develop a detailed strategic plan before starting any project decreasing the likelihood of mishaps.


Ghana construction companies not only build the project for you but also provide a guarantee in case of any problems that may arise later. The guarantee is valid usually for a duration of time. During that duration, the company is responsible for any issues with the building and will fix them for you.


High-quality services are the biggest benefit of hiring commercial construction companies in Ghana. A construction company has contacts with many top-rate building materials suppliers providing wholesale materials at a discounted rate.


Ghana construction companies manage the construction projects in an efficient manner. They have a thorough understanding of the construction business and years of experience, which they employ to make your project one of a kind.