Wednesday, 11 May 2016

How to Make Sure the Construction Firm you hire is Legit?

Finding Legit construction firm is the first task to embark on before starting the construction project. A good ad is not proof that a contractor is Legit. Find out yourself among the Legit construction firms if the one you want to hire is not a scam.

Construction business is a fast growing sector, lots of construction firms in Ghana are trying to take the advantage of fast business growing in Ghana. Care must be taken to check the authenticity of the company before awarding a construction project, lots of scam construction companies are everywhere.
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Things to look for in a Legit Construction firm:

Once you establish the construction project you want to embark on, is important to take time to research on construction companies around before hiring one to avoiding falling into pit fall.


Ask from family, friends, neighbors and local businesses that might have had contact with the contractor in the field that you required. Ask them if they have good contractor in area that you need.

Check for Complaints

With good recommendations at hand, this is just the beginning; you need to pay better business bureau a visit. Check at the bureau if there are any outstanding complaints against the construction company you want to patronize.

Check Licensing and Permit Requirements

Before calling construction companies, you need background information. Call your city or municipality and check what a contractor needs to work in that area. City employees will be eager to see someone trying to do things the right way.

Request for Quotes from Contractors

After thorough research, you will have list of construction companies that passed the recommendation/ checkup stage. Is time to start calling, don’t be sacred to ask lots of questions. Likely issues to come up should be sorted out.

Get Background Information

Insurance status of the contractor should be checked out before hiring. Is risk to have someone working in your home or site without insurance. If they get injured or destroy properties without insurance, the bill comes to you. Be firm to request for proof of insurance.

Meet with the Contractor and Get Quotes

Make sure several building contractors come out to see where the job will be done. Clearly communicate what you need to them and see their reaction.

Always get quotes and detailed estimate in writing. Never accept oral statement.

With careful attention to these little details, no doubt legit construction companies can be found among crooks.

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